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When you need school bus services, safety is the first thing you need to think about. At Bankstown Coaches, our school bus hire service puts safety first offering a range of vehicles including seat-belted.

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School Bus Hires That Put Maintenance at the Forefront
Our buses themselves, too, take a back seat to no one. We install seatbelts in all our coaches and insist on frequent maintenance check-ups, so small mechanical problems never turn into safety issues. We also employ drivers just to be on stand-by, in case of any unforeseen circumstances. When it comes to choosing a school bus hire, Sydney-area schools know to turn to Bankstown Coaches for the ultimate in safety.

Comfort, too, is a priority. Our coaches all feature air conditioning to keep everyone cool and comfortable, even during the ride after an athletic match during the burning heat just before summer break. Our friendly drivers will make sure your students enjoy their outings. They know that these times to get away with fellow schoolmates will become some of the most treasured memories of their lives.

A 20-Year Record of Bus Safety
With 20 years’ worth of experience hauling students safely to and from outings such as day excursions, sporting events/carnivals, class trips, and camping trips, as well as serving as a school shuttle service, Bankstown Coaches has a long record of reliable and safe service as Sydney’s go-to school bus hire company.

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